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gives the finite part of Ellis-Zanderighi IR-divergent box 16, for real , , , and positive , and .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • As of this version ScalarD0IR16 does not numerically evaluate.
  • ScalarD0IR16[s2,s3,s12,s23,m1,m2,m3] is generated by LoopRefine to maintain compact expressions. Applying D0Expand will replace ScalarD0IR16 with its explicit form.
  • Below all thresholds, ScalarD0IR16[s2,s3,s12,s23,m1,m2,m3] satisfies the dispersion relation:

    is the Källén kinematic function Kallenλ.
  • ScalarD0IR16[s2,s3,s12,s23,m1,m2,m3] is symmetric with respect to the pair-wise interchange .