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Linking Package-X to COLLIER

The COLLIER library, by Ansgar Denner, Stefan Dittmaier, and Lars Hofer, is a fortran library for the numerical evaluation of Passarino-Veltman functions, driven by state-of-the-art algorithms for rapid perforance and stable results.

CollierLink provides the Mathematica interface to COLLIER by extending Package-X so that the Passarino-Veltman functions PVA, PVB, PVC, PVD, and PVX can be directly evaluated. This tutorial provides a guide to install CollierLink on your machine.


Before installing CollierLink, check that your machine has the following required software:

  • Linux or macOS operating system
  • Package-X 2.1 or later
  • Mathematica 8.0 or later (10.1 or later recommended)

The last requirement can be checked by confirming Compile works with the option CompilationTarget set to "C":

Compile a simple Wolfram language function to C (should execute with no errors):
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If errors are issued by Compile despite having a C compiler on your system, Mathematica may have trouble detecting it and you may need to set it up manually.

Download and Installation

The CollierLink program files are hosted at, found in under the Expansion Packs section. Click 'Download' to download the latest version of the program, The program can be installed either manually or automatically:

Manual installation (drag and drop)

  • Uncompress the downloaded file.
  • Move the entire CollierLink directory into the $UserBaseDirectory/Applications directory (but not inside the /X directory).
  • Restart Mathematica.

Automatic installation

  • Open Mathematica.
  • Navigate to File Install...
  • In the "Install Wolfram System Item" dialog,
  • set "Type of Item to Install:" to "Application"
  • set "Source:" to "From File..." and point to downloaded; or to "From Directory..." and point to uncompressed CollierLink/ directory
  • the "Install Name:" will be automatically chosen
  • select "Install for this user only (<$UserName>)"
  • Restart Mathematica.

Loading CollierLink

After restarting Mathematica, you can load CollierLink into the current Mathematica session with Get:

Load CollierLink:
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If no errors were issued, the installation was successful and CollierLink is ready for use.