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packagex is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Linking Package-X to COLLIER

The COLLIER library, by Ansgar Denner, Stefan Dittmaier, and Lars Hofer, is a fortran library for the numerical evaluation of Passarino-Veltman functions, driven by state-of-the-art algorithms for rapid perforance and stable results.

CollierLink provides the Mathematica interface to COLLIER by extending Package-X so that the Passarino-Veltman functions PVA, PVB, PVC, PVD, and PVX can be directly evaluated. This tutorial provides a guide to install CollierLink on your machine.


Before installing CollierLink, check that your machine has the following required software:

  • Linux or macOS operating system
  • Package-X 2.1 or later
  • Mathematica 8.0 or later (10.1 or later recommended)

The last requirement can be checked by confirming Compile works with the option CompilationTarget set to "C":

Compile a simple Wolfram language function to C (should execute with no errors):
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If errors are issued by Compile despite having a C compiler on your system, Mathematica may have trouble detecting it and you may need to set it up manually.

Download and Installation

The CollierLink program files are hosted at http://packagex.hepforge.org, found in under the Expansion Packs section. Click 'Download' to download the latest version of the program, CollierLink-x.x.x.zip. The program can be installed either manually or automatically:

Manual installation (drag and drop)

  • Uncompress the downloaded CollierLink.zip file.
  • Move the entire CollierLink directory into the $UserBaseDirectory/Applications directory (but not inside the /X directory).
  • Restart Mathematica.

Automatic installation

  • Open Mathematica.
  • Navigate to File Install...
  • In the "Install Wolfram System Item" dialog,
  • set "Type of Item to Install:" to "Application"
  • set "Source:" to "From File..." and point to downloaded CollierLink.zip; or to "From Directory..." and point to uncompressed CollierLink/ directory
  • the "Install Name:" will be automatically chosen
  • select "Install for this user only (<$UserName>)"
  • Restart Mathematica.

Loading CollierLink

After restarting Mathematica, you can load CollierLink into the current Mathematica session with Get:

Load CollierLink:
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If no errors were issued, the installation was successful and CollierLink is ready for use.