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Hiren H. Patel

A Note on Command-line friendliness in Version 2.1

Package‑X was originally designed to be used with Mathematica's front end, with many of its symbols directly defined as special characters (e.g 𝟙, γ, 𝕘, ...) to make the input and output easier to read. However, many users of Mathematica prefer to work without the front end, opting instead to run their code as a batch program (editing a .m file and running it in a terminal). Since non-ascii characters in Mathematica source code are identified by its FullForm name, (e.g. \[DoubleStruckOne], \[Gamma], \[DoubleStruckG], etc.) this made Package‑X clumsy to use without the front end.

In order to resolve the awkwardness associated with these special characters, most of these symbols are renamed in Package‑X v2.1 to contain only ascii characters in its FullForm name. And, to maintain readability of input and output StandardForm expressions in Mathematica's front end, additional parsing rules are added so that the glyphs and special notation continue to work normally. Therefore, notebooks (written in StandardForm) that used to run with previous versions of Package‑X should continue to do so in the current version.

Old FullForm name
New FullForm name
𝟙 \[DoubleStruckOne] Dirac1
γ \[Gamma] DiracG
γ5 \[Gamma]5 DiracG5
σ \[Sigma] DiracS
ℙL \[DoubleStruckCapital]L DiracPL
ℙR \[DoubleStruckCapital]R DiracPR
𝕘 \[DoubleStruckG] MetricG
𝒹 \[ScriptD] Dim
ε \[Epsilon] Eps
µ \[Micro] Mu

The names of functions Kallenλ and Kibbleφ remain unaltered, and must continue to be refered to by their FullForm names Kallen\[Lambda] and Kibble\[Phi].